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The Bugle Call

The Bugle Call is a quarterly newsletter available for all members, and non-members by subscription.

All editorials and photos should be sent directly to the Editor. If sending via email be sure to use jpg for photos and docx for text.

Deadlines for each issue:

September 15th
January 15th
April 15th
Subscription rate $10.00

Bugle Call Editor

Autumn Marthey
729 Cleveland Ave
Orrville, OH 44667

About "The Bugle Call"

At the 26th National Convention in Los Angeles, California, the ladies voted to publish a monthly newspaper devoted to the interests of the order. Each member was asked to contribute 1 cent per month to establish a fund for this purpose. National President Catherine Ross appointed Sister Laura McNeir, the first National President, as editor of the new publication to be known as The Bugle Call. Sister McNeir strongly felt a need for a national publication to impart news and encouragement to all members, and to this end she made numerous attempts to establish publications by subscription. She happily served in this office for ten years. In 1934, Past National President and temporary Bugle Call Editor Edwina Trigg secured the trademark through the patent office in Washington, D.C. All editors until 2010 were responsible not only for the compilation and printing of The Bugle Call, but most of them hand wrote the mailing labels, affixed postage, sorted and personally mailed each and ever copy of each issue.

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